The first thing many Vancouver Islanders will tell you is “drive to Tofino”. You won’t regret cruising the winding road through gorgeous forests and beautiful scenery. You can stop at Coombs market and grab some snacks to go, or take your time and sit down for delicious lunch menus. Tofino BC is a must visit if you live on Vancouver Island or if you are visiting.

The best part of the drive to Tofino is once you set your eyes on the large sprawling beach you will instantly smile. Cox Bay Beach and Chesterman Beach are going to temp you to jump in the water but don’t forget your wetsuit.

Another great Vancouver Island spot is Goldstream Park. Across the street you can also find a great waterfall. The park has some fantastic streams and tree filled walks, sunlight peaking through the branches. You can also hike Mount Finlayson, with exceptional views and gorgeous paths!

Walking downtown to check out the Victoria Harbour view at night is magical. You can also find places to eat or have a drink. Sometimes musicians are playing music along the waterfront and on the streets, especially in the Summer months. Victoria also has some great shops for a little retail therapy.

One thing I would do if I were on the island is park downtown Victoria and walk along Wharf Street and Belleville Street, along the water, this is a must see part of Victoria B.C.

Photo by Ronin on Unsplash

If you are looking for a hidden gem, drive to Port Renfrew and go find a few public beach access points. You can avoid big crowds and get away from all the traffic and catch some sea air! Pack a picnic and enjoy. The beaches in Port Renfrew can be sandy and the ocean waves can be warm and breathtaking all at the same time.

One place that is a stunning beach walk is Dallas Beach. You may even find a couple coffee spots or ice cream trucks along the way. If you walk Dallas Beach at sunset, prepare to be blown away by the pure brightness and mood, very magical and best of all a good sunset is always free!

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