Salt Spring Island

The Crofton Ferry Terminal will take you to one of the most beautiful Gulf islands in British Columbia called Salt Spring Island. Believe it or not hopping on the Crofton Ferry takes less than a half an hour to reach Salt Spring! Pack a beach bag, bring your bike and don’t forget to stop for some Fish and Chips as soon as you drive off of the ferry.

Salt Spring Island is a place where you can get lost exploring, tired from swimming and full from roasting marshmallows on an open fire all in one day. Many people who visit Salt Spring never leave, they buy property if they are lucky and say goodbye to the old life they once lived.

If you haven’t stepped onto “the rock” as some call it, it’s time to get your butt in the car, drive to Crofton and jump on the boat. Don’t forget time slows down when you arrive, without traffic lights, without fast food lineups, you will blink less and eat more. Salt Spring is also a foodies delight, more cheese than you will know what to spread it on. You will forget why you have the munchies once you start snacking on farm fresh food and freshly made pies.

Walk into great Art Galleries, chill out at the Saturday Market, the vibe from the locals is something special. Try not to tell too many people about it, Oprah might show up. Although she may have already been spotted walking off her Yacht once upon a time.

Galiano Island

If you want to risk the chance of missing a ferry don’t go to the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal in the peak of the Summer season. If you want to take your time, look at crafts and eat ice cream its worth lining up at Swartz Bay and catching a boat to Galiano Island. Go to Galiano Books, grab a book and head to the beach, Montague Harbour or perhaps Pebble Beach. Be sure to read the fine print when planning your trip using the BC Ferries website.

Take a walk to Sturdies Bay Bakery and pick up some fresh baked goodies. A great place to stop first so you have snacks for later. Apparently the Cinnamon Buns are addicting, so be careful. Wander down Sturdies Bay Road and hit the ocean for a few moment of bliss.

Maybe you want to take a day trip to Galiano, go camping at a park like Dionisio Point Provincial Park or find a place to stay. Camping on Galiano is glorious and the environment is priceless, you can’t buy anything like nature on the islands. A diamond ring, an expensive car is nothing compared to the pure beauty of a Gulf Island, Galiano is one of the best!

Gabriola Island

Another 20 minute ferry ride to paradise in British Columbia. Take a road trip to Nanaimo, go to Nanaimo Harbour and jump on the boat. Gabriola Island is very small but it won’t disappoint! If you are visiting over the weekend, don’t forget to hit the Saturday market on South road, starts in May. You can also go Silva Bay and enjoy a Sunday Market on Gabriola.

If you are more of the outdoorsy type, Gabriola has a few camping options too. If you like being near the Ocean, Descanso Bay Regional Park would probably be your best choice! Gabriola is part of the Gulf Islands and is not an island you want to miss seeing. With a population of only 4500 you will get the vibe of nature, local, unique and seclusion all in one. What’s not to love about getting lost in nature but also being able to grab a coffee and treat.

It’s easy to get stuck in your local area on Vancouver Island or trapped in the traffic grind on the mainland. Going on a short adventure, letting your thoughts wander as well as your feet along the beach can be like medicine. Smelling in the forest air, relaxing and having a new experience can be just the reset some people need! Take a drive, float in a boat, go for a swim, pack your tent, find a spa, whatever you do, get lost and get going now! Comment below with your favorite place to escape in British Columbia?

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